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We are always looking for well-qualified and dedicated employees for our medical and administrative departments as well as our hospitality services.

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Once or twice a month we organise public information evenings on current surgical topics such as osteoarthritis of the knee, gastroesophageal reflux disease or foot conditions.

Gold Letter 1/2017

«Gold Letter» 1/2017

In the current issue of Gold Letter we present six interesting articles by our affiliated specialists (in German)


The Pyramid Clinic is an independent private clinic owned by a small group of private specialists who founded the clinic in 1993. Run on the principle of affiliated specialists, we work in partnership with around 80 active surgeons from various disciplines. As a small, select private clinic, we focus on specific specialist fields. The excellent work of our specialists, our unique location and infrastructure directly by Lake Zurich and our premium hospitality services have made our name famous as a leading specialist clinic well beyond the borders of Switzerland.

We are a contracted hospital, so we deal with insurance companies directly. All of our contracts are intact. As a private clinic, we treat patients with supplementary insurance, and can also offer upgrade packages to patients with general insurance. If you discuss this with the specialist treating you we will be happy to calculate the upgrade for you if you.

Brochure «Your best road to recovery»

«Your best road to recovery»


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