Pyramid Clinic specialists

Dr. med. Mischa C. Feigel

Zentrum für Viszeralchirurgie und Bariatrie
Florastrasse 50
8008 Zürich

Phone +41 43 499 16 99
Fax +41 43 499 16 95

Operation Spectrum

»  Visceral surgery (surgery of the abdominal organs, including tumour surgery)
»  Minimally invasive hernia surgery (including inguinal and abdominal wall hernia surgery)
»  Anti-reflux surgery (hiatus hernia)
»  Bariatric surgery (obesity surgery, full spectrum)
»  Anal conditions (e.g. haemorrhoids, fistulae, fiissure, prolapse, rectocele, chronic constipation)
»  Thyroid and parathyroid surgery (e.g. goitre, tumours)
»  Urological intervention (e.g. testicles, penis)
»  Miscellaneous (e.g. skin tumours etc.)

Education and Specialisations

» 1987: State Examination in Medicine, University of Zurich
» 1987-88: Assistant Physician, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Zurich (Dr. med. B. Kipfer)
» 1988: Medicinal Dissertation (Accidents and Injuries in Waterskiing), Institute for Social and Preventative Medicine of the University of Zurich (Prof. Dr. med. K. Biener, Prof. Dr. med. M. Schär)
» 1988-92: Surgical Clinic, Waid City Hospital, Zurich (Prof. Dr. med. A. Akovbiantz, Prof. Dr. med. P. Buchmann)
» 1989 (January – June): Urology Clinic and Outpatient Clinic, Zurich University Hospital (Prof. Dr. med. D. Hauri)
» 1992: Senior Physician Surgical Clinic, Waid City Hospital, Zurich (Prof. Dr. med. P. Buchmann)
» 1992: Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Waid City Hospital (Prof. Dr. med. P. Buchmann, Dr. med. S. Gligorijevic)
» 1993-95: Senior Physician, Surgical Clinic, Glarus Cantonal Hospital (PD Dr. med. M. Jenny, Dr. med. H. Blessing)
» 1994-95: Lecturer for prospective nursing staff, Education Centre for Health and Social Services, Glarus
» 1994: Specialist FMH for Surgery
» From 1994: Deputy Head Physician, Surgical Clinic, Glarus Cantonal Hospital ( H. Blessing)  
» 1994-96: Training in Minimally Invasive Visceral Surgery, Dijon, France (Dr. Med. G.F. Bégin) and Obesity Surgery, Padua, Italy (Prof. Dr. med. F. Favretti)
» 1996 (January-June): Visiting Physician for Specialised Minimally Invasive Visceral Surgery, Clinique Sainte Marthe, Dijon, France (Dr. med. G.F. Bègin)
» 2002: Certificate of Competence for Laboratory Practice (KHM)
» 2003: Specialised FMH title for Visceral Surgery
» 2004: Specialised FMH title for General and Accident Surgery
» 2005: Certificate of Competence for Abdominal Sonography
» 2014: Course in Bariatric Surgery at the European School of Laparoscopic Surgery, Saint-Pierre University Hospital, Brussels, Belgium (Prof. Dr. med. G-B. Cadière)


» 1996: Foundation, Development and Medical Director of Centre for Visceral Surgery with Focus on Minimally Invasive Visceral Surgery and Bariatric Surgery, Zurich
» 1996-99: Co-foundation, Development and Visceral Surgery Medical Director of Centre for Minimally Invasive Visceral Surgery and Bariatric Surgery, Breitlen Clinic, Hombrechtikon, Zurich
» Since 2000: Foundation, Development and Leading Surgeon, Centre for Visceral and Minimally Invasive Surgery, Pyramide Clinic, Zurich
» 2009: Medical Director, Centre for Bariatric Surgery (ZBC), Zurich
» 2011-14: Representative for Visceral Surgery in the Clinic Doctors’ Board, Pyramide Clinic, Zurich
» 2012-15: Head of Bariatric Surgery and Lead Bariatric Surgeon in the Reference Centre for Obesity and Bariatric Surgery, Lindberg Private Clinic, Winterthur
» 2014: Representative for Visceral Surgery in the Clinic Advisory Board, Lindberg Private Clinic, Winterthur
» 2015-16: Lead Surgeon for Bariatric Surgery, Heiden Cantonal Hospital, AR
» Since 2016: Medical Director, Zurich Reference Centre for Reflux Surgery (ZRZR)
» Since 2017: Medical Director, Centre for Visceral Surgery and Bariatry, Zurich


» Swiss Association for Laparoscopic and Thoracoscopic Surgery (SALTC)
» Swiss Association for Surgery (SGC)
» Swiss Association for Visceral Surgery (SGVC)
» Swiss Association for Ultrasound in Medicine (SGUM)
» Swiss Study Group for Morbid Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (SMOB)
» German Association for Surgery (DGC)
» European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (E.A.E.S.)
» International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorder (IFSO)

Attending Physician

» Pyramide Clinic, Zurich
» See-Spital, Horgen and Kilchberg
» Spital Lachen, Adipositaszentrum Obersee (Reference Centre SMOB for Obesity Surgery)


Ca. 30 publications (focus areas: minimally invasive surgery, colon surgery, reflux surgery, anal conditions, endoscopic hernia surgery, bariatric surgery)
Regular lecturer (Further education for medical professionals, ETH Zurich, public lectures)
Television appearances (SRF1, SRF2, Tele Zürich, Tele Top): Endoscopic hernia operation, laparoscopic reflux surgery, bowel surgery and bariatric surgery.


May 2014: Laparoscopic Stomach Reduction (Sleeve Gastrectomy) on the woman with the highest BMI in Switzerland (BMI 98.1)