Our internal PhysioCenter at the Pyramid Clinic

Our team of physiotherapists in Seefeld specialises in early rehabilitation for patients during their stay at the clinic and in outpatient follow-up treatment after discharge from the clinic. Patients receive comprehensive care and support, from hospital admission through to outpatient rehabilitation. Daily consultation with the attending specialists is a routine part of care, ensuring optimal, personalised rehabilitation. All therapeutic goals and treatment measures are determined jointly, based on a detailed review of the findings.

At our clinic, we tend towards an outpatient approach to rehabilitation in physiotherapy. The new surgical techniques and the resulting speedy recovery mean that an additional inpatient stay in a rehabilitation clinic is generally no longer necessary. However, upon request or based on clear indication, we will be happy to arrange inpatient rehabilitation.

The physiotherapy department at the Pyramid Clinic Seefeld in Zurich treats patients who have undergone surgery here at the clinic as well as patients with external referrals.

Range of treatments in Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy Centre specialises is early rehabilitation during and after a stay in hospital and offers all forms of traditional physiotherapy and other therapies:

Skilled and dedicated team

The skilled and dedicated physiotherapy team at the Pyramid Clinic will work for your well-being and rapid recovery.

The physiotherapists at the Pyramid Clinic treat patients who have undergone surgery here at the clinic as well as external patients who have been referred to us.

Daniel De Arriba Torres

Daniel de Arriba Torres

Head of Physiotherapy,

Sonja Perez

Sonja Perez


Natascha Zumbühl

Natascha Zumbühl


Expert care in physiotherapy

«Expert care in physiotherapy»
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