Board of Directors

  • Dr. iur. Beat Badertscher, President
  • Dr. med. Cédric. A. George, Chief Executive Officer
  • Walter Knupp, Board Member
  • Raymond Loretan, Board Member
  • Manfred Manser, Board Member
  • lic. iur. Victor Meli, Board Member
  • Beat Röthlisberger, Board Member
  • Dr. med. Albino Triaca, Board Member

Executive Board

  • Dr. med. Cédric A. George, Medical Director
  • Beat Huber, Director
  • Glen George, COO / Project Manager Pyramid Clinic Küsnacht
  • Michèle Bernet Eberschweiler, Head of Finance / Dep. Director
  • Sarina Felchlin, Head of Human Resources and Hospitality
  • Sandra Neeracher Lauper, Head of Communications and Media
  • Arjan de Feiter, Head of Nursing

Organisation Chart

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Brochure «Your best road to recovery»

«Your best road to recovery»


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