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As one of the few providers in Switzerland, we can offer revolutionary Enlighten PICO GenesisTM high-end laser treatment for tattoo removal and to improve the appearance of your skin. With this latest technology, tattoos can be removed effectively, gently and without leaving any scars.


The Enlighten laser uses extremely short and powerful picosecond laser pulses (the shorter, the more powerful). These pulses break up the ink in the skin into tiny particles which the body is able to break down quickly and efficiently. A picosecond is a trillionth of a second and is 1,000 times shorter than the nanosecond pulses used to remove tattoos with other lasers. This means that tattoos can be removed more quickly and easily.

Tattooentfernung ohne Narben


Tattoos are divided into 4 sizes: small, medium, large and XL. The price for the treatment is based on the size, the various colours and the work required and is quoted during the detailed consultation. 4 to 8 treatments will be required, carried out every 12 weeks. The body needs this time to break down the pigment particles. The depth, colour and size of the tattoo will influence the number of treatments.

Tattoo removal by Enlighten laser is a little less painful than with other lasers. A strong anaesthetic cream is applied about 20–30 minutes before the treatment. If necessary, a local anaesthetic can be injected at an additional charge. In this case, you will not feel any pain during the laser treatment.

Temporary redness, swelling, blisters and minor pinpoint bleeding may be experienced after treatment. Any blisters should not be popped. Consistent use of sun protection (SPF 50+) four weeks before and after the treatment is important to avoid pigmentation problems in the skin. While any redness persists, the skin can be treated with CICAPLAST BAUME (available from us).

You can usually go back to your day-to-day work immediately after the treatment.


These prices are per session. Treatments take place every 12 weeks. There are no price packages for this service.

  • Small tattoo from CHF 300 
  • Medium from CHF 500 
  • Large CHF 800 to CHF 1,000 
  • XL tattoo from CHF 1,200


We would be happy to discuss the details of any treatments with you in a personal consultation.

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