Dental surgery

Displaced wisdom teeth, cysts in the area of the tooth roots or other inflammatory and infectious conditions of the jaw can be removed and healed with gentle techniques and routine procedures.

Jaw augmentation

If there is insufficient bone available for the provision of dental implants, this can be constructed by taking autologous bone from an appropriate place and transplanting it, in combination with bone substitutes or distraction procedures if required.

Removal of wisdom teeth

The removal of wisdom teeth is the most common oral surgical intervention. There may not be enough room for the teeth to break through easily, or their direction of growth may endanger the roots of the adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth can also negatively affect the outcome of a completed procedure to correct tooth position, or may be displaced in such a way that they can cause health problems.

The wisdom teeth are removed quickly and carefully in a minor surgical procedure that can be performed easily under local anaesthetic. On request, brief outpatient general anaesthesia can be offered for reasons of comfort or anxiety.

Exposing impacted and displaced teeth (impacted canines)

If teeth do not break through themselves due to lack of space or a deviation of the axis, they may remain in the jaw bone and lead to misaligned teeth. In this case, they need to be surgically exposed and provided with an orthodontic button. The teeth are moved into the correct position using a wire loop and braces.

Digital volume tomography – DVT

The digital volume tomography (DVT) available at our centre allows for rapid, careful and reliable three-dimensional representation of the facial skeleton, which is essential for our treatment planning. With the use of appropriate settings and protocols, the radiation exposure can be limited to a minimum. This investigation may also be carried out on referral from your dentist, for example, in the context of planning a dental implant.

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