Genital surgery

The need for physical reconstruction and rejuvenation can also apply to the genital area. Thanks to the emancipation of women and the breaking down of taboos around sexuality, topics that were once hushed up can be discussed in the open today. Overall well-being is an entirely legitimate need of every woman, and this includes “down there”.

The need for vaginal reconstruction may develop over time or may even arise in younger women, especially following multiple pregnancies (e.g. vaginoplasty or perineorrhaphy) or to address congenital variants involving larger and/or asymmetrical inner labia. Having labia that are too big, thick and/or long can cause women considerable psychological problems. Many of these women seek treatment because of problems when wearing tight clothing and during sexual activity. Feelings of shame and rejection are not infrequent in these cases. Sometimes labia that are too large can cause problems that are purely medical, such as when their size means that they lead to pain or discomfort during sports such as cycling or horseback riding, for example. Labial reduction is the most frequently performed labiaplasty procedure.

In addition to labial reduction, procedures can also be carried out to enlarge the labia, known as labial augmentation. In these cases, the outer labia is enlarged using fat grafting or augmentation with hyaluronic acid. Other procedures for women may include vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty) and correction of perineal scars.

Genital surgery in men includes circumcision, testicular firming and firming of the mons pubis.

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