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Lymphatic surgery encompasses various forms of treatment for lymphoedema and lipoedema.

People affected by lymphoedema or lipoedema have an increase in size of certain areas of the body with tightness and changes to the tissue structure of the skin.

Our specialist in lipoedema and lymphoedema treatments at the Pyramid Centre for Plastic Surgery, Professor Mario Scaglioni, has many years of experience and a high level of expertise in lymphatic surgery.

The latest surgical techniques such as microsurgery and supermicrosurgery, performed by Professor Mario Scaglioni, offer new treatment options for even better results.


Lipoedema is a chronic, progressive condition affecting fat distribution in which subcutaneous fatty tissue increases disproportionately in certain areas of your body.

The legs, hips and arms are most frequently affected.

Without targeted, early treatment of the lipoedema, lymphoedema can also develop over the long term, due to the lipoedema itself or congestion of lymphatic fluid.


Lymphoedema can occur congenitally (= primary) or as a result of another condition (= secondary).

Lymphoedema can develop as a side effect of cancer treatment (iatrogenic).

We provide people affected with a well-informed diagnosis and use the latest treatment methods, including microsurgery and supermicrosurgery, to restore the lymphatic vessels and their drainage.


Both conditions are primarily treated conservatively. If all conservative options have been exhausted, surgical intervention is an option.

The following surgical procedures are offered at our centre:


  • Tissue-sparing water-jet-assisted liposuction without the need for extensive skin incisions – for a faster recovery


New treatment methods using microsurgery and supermicrosurgery

  • Creation of new, extra-anatomical lymphatic channels via lymphovenous anastomosis (LVA)
  • Lymph node transplantation
  • Transfer of lymphatic tissue

Once the diagnosis has been made, we will provide you with personalised advice and show you the right treatment options for you.


Early detection of lipoedema or lymphoedema is essential for effective treatment.

State-of-the-art procedures are used for the physical examination for optimal assessment of the individual situation.

There is also a strong focus on your mental health, as this is particularly important for long-term treatment results when dealing with these conditions.


Technically challenging procedures such as lipoedema or lymphoedema treatment should always be carried out by experienced specialists. This enables the complication rate to be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Professor Mario Scaglioni and Dr Cédric A. George are a well-coordinated team that will comprehensively, expertly and personally take care of you and your health. Contact us online or by phone to arrange your individual appointment.

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