Breast reconstruction

It is usually recommended that a breast reconstruction be carried out in the same operation as the mastectomy, but it can also be carried out at a later date.

Primary breast reconstruction

With the current radiotherapy methods, more effective medication and progress in reconstruction methods, immediate reconstruction following mastectomy or removal of the tumour is now one of the options of first choice. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be given straight after the breast reconstruction. If the breast is reconstructed immediately, a more aesthetically pleasing result can be expected. In addition, it means that the woman can achieve the treatment goal in a single operation, which is positive from a psychological point of view.

Secondary breast reconstruction

Many patients only consider breast reconstruction at a later time: based on their own preference or because they did not have any information about the current options in onco-plastic surgery at the time of the disease. This is called a secondary reconstruction and is of course still possible at a later time, without any negative medical effect on the course of the disease. Depending on the situation, the aesthetic result is, however, not always comparable to that of an immediate reconstruction. Nevertheless, many patients feel that the restoration of body image and disappearance of the mastectomy scar are a great relief.

Reconstruction techniques

A variety of proven, highly innovative surgical methods are also used for breast reconstruction today. There are two types of reconstruction technique: reconstruction with a breast implant or reconstruction using the patient’s own tissue, for which muscle or fatty tissue can be used. Combinations of different approaches are also applied.

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