Hospitality services

It goes without saying that in every medical institution, medicine is at the core and has absolute priority. However, this does not mean that the other services offered cannot be of the highest quality. For us, it is a logical consequence to apply our high quality standards to our accommodation and catering services – of course at no extra cost to our patients. We are convinced that our superb, healthy cuisine and the high-quality furnishings in our rooms will contribute to your well-being and recovery. Depending on your insurance coverage, we can also offer a variety of additional hospitality services.  

Additional services

If you wish, and if it makes sense from a medical perspective, you can make use of our external complementary medicine practitioners or a number of non-medical services. These include massage, beauty treatments, nutritional advice or a personal trainer, which you can also engage for the recovery period at home. On request we can arrange other services such as laundry, Spitex home care or pastoral care. Please contact the Guest Relations team or your nurse for details.

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«Information from A to Z»

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