Plastic surgery

Retaining natural beauty is the primary objective of the Centre for Plastic Surgery. We cannot create beauty, but we can help unlock and accentuate the natural beauty of each individual. Serious plastic surgery, as we understand it, means combining beauty with natural appearance – ever mindful of achieving an optimal balance between what is medically advisable and aesthetically desirable.

The Centre for Plastic Surgery (CPS) and the Pyramid Clinic were founded by Dr. med. Cédric A. George. Under his direction, the CPS has become the leading centre for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery over the last 29 years and enjoys a strong international reputation. The CPS specialises in cosmetic surgery (including breast surgery, facial surgery, wrinkle treatments, liposuction, hair transplants and abdominoplasty) and reconstructive surgery (such as breast cancer surgery and genital surgery).

These days there are countless providers and offerings in the field of plastic surgery. It is not always easy to make sense of all the options and find a reputable doctor. We only work with the best and most experienced plastic surgeons. Only doctors with recognised specialist qualifications (FMH or EBOBRAS) can become accredited as affiliated specialists at our clinic. You can find details of our specialists and contact them here: