At the Pyramid Clinic we work together with an external Centre for Medical Radiology to provide radiological care and services for our patients. The Bellevue Institute of Radiology in Zurich (Röntgeninstitut Bellevue Zürich) under the direction of Dr Roland Löw combines state-of-the-art radiological diagnostics with a patient- and client-friendly focus. The institute’s top priority is to ensure the best possible diagnostics in a pleasant, contemporary environment. Important components include the specialist expertise of the radiologists (all FMH specialists in radiology), the ultra-modern equipment and last but not least, a skilled, motivated and friendly team.

In addition to imaging diagnostics, the Bellevue Institute of Radiology in Zurich offers cytological and histological investigations of superficial lesions (particularly of the breast, lymph nodes and thyroid). With regard to pain therapy, the range of treatments offered includes needling of tendon calcifications, intraforaminal nerve root blocks in the area of the cervical spine and peridural infiltrations in the region of the lumbar spine.

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«Your best road to recovery»


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