Facial surgery

The human face expresses our individual personality and also reflects our character – rather like a personal calling card. The face also reflects the kind of life we lead and provides undeniable evidence of the aging process.

Constantly repeated facial expressions gradually produce fine lines between the nose and mouth, around the eyes and on the forehead: laugh lines, brow lines and crow’s feet. Over the years, the skin loses moisture and elasticity. This leads to a weakening of the muscle and connective tissue and a loss of contour, as fatty tissue around the cheekbones declines. The loose skin forms wrinkles.

When this slackening of connective tissue and drooping of excess skin occurs, the contour of the face is automatically altered. Deep ridges may appear near the nose and mouth, on the forehead or around the cheeks and eyes. In extreme cases, sagging cheeks, a double chin or wrinkles on the neck may be particularly disturbing, as they often make a person seem unflatteringly and prematurely older than they really are. Cosmetic surgery can help with this.

The most important procedures for the face and neck

Combining beauty with nature

«Combining beauty with nature»
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