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It is not only wrinkles that increase as we age. Other changes also leave their mark on the skin. Professional assessment and treatment is important, because not all skin alterations can be permanently removed. There must also be investigation of whether the skin alterations are benign or malignant cell changes.


UV rays are usually to blame for age and sun spots. These pigment spots increasingly appear on parts of the body that have been exposed to the sun and especially affect the arms, hands and face.

These annoying pigment spots can respond well to laser treatment. The laser breaks up the pigments, which initially become darker than before, but after about ten days the skin peels off and lighter skin appears underneath.

Lentigines/age and sun spots

A lentigo (plural: lentigines) is a small, clearly defined, pigmented spot on the skin. Lentigines can be divided into two categories: The classic mole is referred to as lentigo simplex or lentigo juvenilis. Lentigo solaris is the formation of sun-related flat, brown lesions on the skin, better known as age spots.


The negative side of getting older also includes the appearance of spider veins, reddening of the skin and enlarged blood vessels as well as discolouration on certain parts of the body.

With laser treatment, the laser heats the blood vessels causing them to seal and close up, making them no longer visible.

Benign skin lesions

Removal of superficial naevi, seborrheic keratosis, soft fibromas, fibromas.

Spider veins

Spider veins, also called varicose veins or varices, mainly appear on the legs. They are expanded blood vessels that become visible as reddish structures and can turn dark blue or purple. These visible veins can occur as a result of a predisposition or from blood pooling in the blood vessels.

Telangiectasias and periorbital blue veins

Telangiectasias are tiny dilations of blood vessels. These superficial capillaries mainly appear on the face or hands and are often unwanted from an aesthetic point of view.

Periorbital blue veins are visible changes in the blood vessels around the eyeball or eye socket.

Haemangiomas (strawberry naevi)

Haemangiomas or strawberry naevi are benign tumours that are often congenital or develop in the first few weeks of life. They are characterised by reddish or bluish discolouration of the affected area.

Spider naevi

Spider naevi are dilations of the arterial blood vessels in the skin that often appear on the chest, face, forehead or neck. Also known as nevus araneus, they are vascular changes in which small blood vessels lead outwards like a spider’s web from a red, pin-sized nodule.

Lip angiomas

A lip angioma is a haemangioma on the lip. A venous lake appears as a blue-red papule with a smooth surface, mainly on the lower lip.

Port-wine stains

A port-wine stain is a benign skin alteration. It can be dark red to reddish-purple in colour. It is a congenital malformation of the blood vessels that can appear anywhere on the body.

Couperose & rosacea

Couperose is a vasodilation in the face, neck and décolleté that has developed due to intrinsic predisposition. Couperose is often an early sign of rosacea. This is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. Persistent redness, nodules, blisters or pustules, as well as visible veins and swelling on the face can be indications of rosacea.

Broken veins

Broken veins can appear anywhere on the body and are often unwanted from an aesthetic point of view.


Scars form when injured tissue heals. These occur following surgery as well as after severe acne or other skin injuries. With laser treatment, scars can be refined and somewhat reduced.


Healthy facial skin forms the essential basis of a fresh and vital appearance. Laser treatment, supports skin regeneration and reduces damage due to sun exposure or age-related skin alterations by stimulating blood circulation, allowing the skin to absorb moisture. Depending on the condition of the skin and the particular problem, deep or light skin regeneration and photorejuvenation may be suitable:

Deep skin regeneration for skin rejuvenation

The skin is deeply regenerated using an ablative procedure. This is mainly used to treat deep wrinkles, large pores, multiple scars or poor complexion. With ablative treatments like this, the region to be treated (such as the face or décolleté) must first be anesthetised.

Light skin regeneration to refresh the skin

This takes the same approach as deep skin regeneration, but the laser penetrates less deeply into the skin. The result is refreshed skin with a healthy glow, smaller pores and removal of very fine wrinkles and skin irregularities.


As the skin starts to age, pigment irregularities and enlarged blood vessels can occur. With laser-controlled photorejuvenation, veins and pigment spots become paler and the complexion improves.


These prices are per session. Several treatments are recommended.

  • Spider veins (per 20-minute treatment) from CHF 400 
  • Pigment spots from CHF 250 – 1800 
  • Broken veins/spider naevi from CHF 250 – 700 
  • Scar treatment from CHF 200 – 1000 

Skin rejuvenation with Enlighten laser using micro lens array (3 treatments recommended)

  • 1st treatment CHF 1,000
  • Each additional treatment CHF 800

PICO Genesis skin improvement for the face, neck, décolleté (3 treatments recommended)

  • 1st treatment/1st region CHF 800
  • Additional region CHF 450
  • Each additional treatment CHF 650

Surgical removal of skin lesions, birthmarks, etc.

Price on request


We would be happy to discuss the details of any treatments with you in a personal consultation.

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