Costs and insurance coverage

We perform procedures in various surgical fields. The cost of treatment depends on the type and extent of surgical intervention involved: how long the operation takes, any implants, the anaesthetic, etc. The exact cost will be calculated while planning the surgery and will be arranged with the insurance company or with you directly.

Private or semi-private insurance

Because the Pyramid Clinic is a private clinic, patients here require supplementary insurance, so you will need to have private or semi-private insurance for treatments in our clinic. Individuals will general insurance can also be treated at the clinic if they opt for an upgrade. Please let your specialist know if you are interested in this, and we will put together an offer for an upgrade as a self-paying patient. If you have general insurance you can also be treated here if you opt to pay for a private-patient upgrade. You can find details of our offerings and additional services for people with private or semi-private insurance here.

Will my surgery be covered by medical insurance?

Generally speaking, a distinction is made between treatment that is medically indicated and therefore necessarily covered by health insurance, and purely cosmetic procedures that are not covered by medical insurance. If you are having inpatient treatment that is medically indicated and you are covered by the relevant private supplementary insurance, all prior consultations, the operation and hospital costs plus any post-operative outpatient treatment will be covered by the insurance company. Our patient administration staff will contact your health insurance company to check whether they will cover the costs for the planned intervention. If so, the date of surgery can be confirmed.

If the treatment is not covered by medical insurance, such as for purely aesthetic services, you must cover all associated costs yourself. This includes prior consultations as well as the actual treatment. We will send you a cost estimate in this case. We ask that you make a payment for this amount one month before the date of surgery, so that we can confirm your reservation. Procedures for self-paying patients that have not been paid for by the date of admission must unfortunately be cancelled. Our administrative staff will be happy to provide you with our payment details.

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