Committed to the highest quality standards

Our patient satisfaction is evaluated and published quarterly in anonymised surveys referenced over a year. For 14 years, the Pyramid Clinic has repeatedly been leading in the anonymous patient satisfaction surveys by the Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH).

In the 1st quater 2019 Mecon patient survey, the Pyramid Clinic was again awarded “Best in Class” in the categories of doctors, nursing and organisation.

The Pyramid Clinic also takes a leading position when compared with the state and private hospitals in and around Zurich, as an independent survey by the Santésuisse health insurance association and the Consumer Forum shows.

Our quality management

Quality management is a core element of the Pyramid Clinic. As a member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals, we are committed to the highest quality stand ards in all areas of the clinic. SLH members must meet a comprehensive set of key criteria and undergo a rigorous audit by an external certification authority. Retention of the standards set forth in the catalogue is reviewed every two years and guarantees the exceptional services for the medium- and long-term, as well as a cycle of continual improvement.

The last audit took place in March 2015, including re-certification based on the new SLH criteria. The clinic passed with flying colours. This level of quality assurance is unparalleled and represents a milestone for Swiss healthcare.

The clinic is also committed to working through a supplementary catalogue on “Excellence” with a key focus for the year that is stipulated by the association. The clinic must complete this process within 24 months. The evaluation is based on a maturity model. This allows for dynamic analysis of various aspects of quality.
The satisfaction of our employees and accredited specialists is assessed at regular intervals.


It is the responsibility of senior management in the Pyramid Clinic to ensure that the key principles of the quality assurance policy are fully understood, complied with and developed. Quality assurance in the Pyramid Clinic is seen as striking a fine balance between excellence, profitability, efficiency and efficacy. We strive for excellence at all times in our code of conduct. As a member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals, we are obligated to meet strict and demanding quality standards

By systematically monitoring our quality assurance activities, we continuously enhance our quality-consciousness and improve our standards at every level.

We cultivate, develop, assess and improve our quality standards according to the key principles of the Total Quality Management System (TQM) and assess our achievements by way of regular internal audits, measured variables, performance indicators and customer surveys as well as through recurrent inspections by the external certification body of the ISO. The effectiveness of these defined measures is evaluated on an annual basis.

Our Quality Management is based on the following core values:

Customer Orientation

We place our patients as well as our affiliated physicians at the focal point of all our endeavours. At every stage, we engage with them on a highly individual and personal basis to meet all their needs.

Employee Orientation

It is our specific goal to promote in every member of staff a high level of identification with the clinic by ensuring their potential is allowed to develop and find its full expression.

Process Orientation

Our quality assurance strategy is process oriented. Our processes are optimised to ensure the highest possible standards of safety, service quality and efficiency.

Results Orientation

We work on a results-oriented basis and continually track our performance indicators in relation to our interested parties (e.g. patients, physicians, insurance providers, employees, investors etc.) in order to do justice to their requirements and needs.

Resource Orientation

The executive management team ensures that all required resources be provided in a timely manner in accordance with the QMS guidelines. These are integrated in the annual budgeting phase.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly improve our processes, tools and results through implementing creative, innovative and learning-oriented activities. A variety of established methods are at the clinic`s disposal in order to do this (e.g. audits, improvement suggestion schemes, CIRS, training and education, surveys etc.)

The continuity and development of our quality assurance scheme is maintained by an experienced management team as well as the quality commission, which meet on a regular basis.

This quality assurance policy forms the basis of our quality planning. It is reviewed on a regular basis, at least every 3 years, and re-examined and revised when necessary.

Patient satisfaction - SLH Best Practice 1st quarter 2019

Patient satisfaction 1st q. 2019

Best Practice (in German)

Patient satisfaction - SLH Best Practice 2018

Patient satisfaction 2018

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Patient satisfaction - SLH Best Practice 2017

Patient satisfaction 2017

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Patient satisfaction - SLH Best Practice 2016

Patient satisfaction 2016

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Swiss Leading Hospitals Quality Report

Swiss Leading Hospitals Quality Report 2018/19

(in German)

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