The Pyramid Clinic takes great pride in the excellent patient care provided by our anaesthetics team. Our experienced anaesthetists take time to prepare patients for their upcoming surgery with sensitivity to their needs. Whether it be a general or regional anaesthetic, the well-being of the patient is paramount at all times. This is why we choose not to use any unpleasant anaesthetic gasses. Instead, the required medication is introduced directly into the circulatory system. This largely rules out any unpleasant side effects such as post-operative vomiting and allows for best-practice determination of the wake-up time.

Every surgical procedure carries a certain amount of risk, which your doctor will explain to you beforehand in detail. With the anaesthetic options available today, the surgery will proceed as comfortably as possible. Small procedures can sometimes be performed under local anaesthetic, while larger operations are carried out under very safe and well-tolerated general anaesthesia. The latest analgesics provide rapid relief from pain after the operation.

Patient care in anaesthesiology includes preparation for surgery, the actual anaesthesia during surgery, and subsequent monitoring in the recovery room. The anaesthetists are also responsible for post-operative pain management.

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«Your best road to recovery»


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