Breast-conserving surgery

Breast-conserving surgery is used whenever appropriate. This is frequently the case for small to moderately sized tumours and medium-sized breasts, provided only a compact, solitary, single lump is involved. For larger tumours, preliminary chemotherapy may be appropriate to reduce the size of the tumour so that subsequent breast-conserving surgery becomes an option.

The malignant tumour is removed along with a surrounding rim of healthy tissue. To ensure that no cancerous cells are left behind, the tissue removed is examined under a microscope during the operation, to establish whether the tumour has in fact been completely removed. The visual result of the operation may also be improved, depending on the circumstances of each case, if plastic surgery is performed at the same time, To ensure that breast-conserving treatment has the same likelihood of success as a complete mastectomy, the patient must undergo a five-week period of additional radiotherapy.

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