Our philosophy of Maxillo-facial Surgery

At the Centre for Maxillo-facial Surgery we treat patients with functional and/or aesthetic problems in the jaw and facial area. The centre has a high level of expertise and extensive experience in the areas of maxillo-facial surgery, oral surgery, facial and nasal surgery. Malformations, growth defects or injuries should not be approached solely in terms of medical options. Wherever possible, treatment should also take into account aesthetic considerations. To do this, Dr Albino Triaca draws on his superior level of surgical competence and sense of the beauty and unique character of every face.

«Treatment of jaw malformations should always include not just medical,
but also aesthetic considerations.»
Dr Albino Triaca

Professional advice

Our specialist, Dr Albino Triaca, will be pleased to see you for an initial consultation at the Centre for Maxillo-facial Surgery. Please phone the centre to make an appointment. This first consultation can also be arranged by referral from your private dentist or orthodontist. A treatment plan is developed based on your individual documents (such as 3-D x-rays, photos, plaster models, etc.). For jaw correction and profile improvement, portrait photos are adjusted to illustrate possible changes, with the help of the face planning that has been carried out. The portraits are discussed with you and the definitive procedure is then determined. The procedure will be explained in detail using brochures and skull models, and the appointment can be made for your outpatient or inpatient treatment.

Broschüre Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie

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