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Dr Andreas Oberholzer is committed to continuing professional development and is a regular speaker at international medical conferences. This includes demonstrations of his surgical techniques in live surgery and hospital visits.


In March 2015, Dr Andreas Oberholzer gave a presentation on the advantages of soft tissue-oriented surgery in total knee arthroplasty at the 9th International Conference of Orthopaedic Surgery in Seville. This was followed by an in-depth discussion: Dr Andreas Oberholzer reported on his broad range of experience, gave advice on the soft tissue-oriented method of knee replacement and offered perspectives on future developments in this area.


In October 2014, Dr Andreas Oberholzer visited Iran. At the Iranian Orthopaedic Annual Conference in Tehran, he reported on his experience and knowledge around artificial knee and hip joints. His live surgery, in which Dr Andreas Oberholzer implanted an artificial knee joint, was broadcast from the University Hospital to the conference hall, where it was watched and discussed by about 250 Iranian orthopaedic surgeons. Possible surgical procedures for various patients with knee and hip problems were then discussed in case presentations.

The focus of Dr Andreas Oberholzer’s presentation was surgical technique for the anterior minimally invasive approach in total hip replacement. Two posters by Dr Andreas Oberholzer also led to lively discussion at the Iranian conference. One showed the advantages of soft tissue-oriented surgery for primary knee replacement. The other was on experiences with cement allergy and its treatment. A case report on hinge prosthesis for knee revision was also presented. This was followed by further stimulating discussion with Iranian orthopaedic surgeons on knee and hip replacements, surgical technique and corresponding experiences.


As part of a scientific and information exchange in May 2013, Dr Andreas Oberholzer visited various hospitals and conferences in China (in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanhai, Taiyuan and Tianjin).

He gave presentations to share his knowledge and experience of knee replacements with Chinese doctors. His focus was on surgical technique in soft tissue-oriented primary knee arthroplasty. In addition, Dr Andreas Oberholzer explained various options in his presentation of case studies of knee revision arthroplasty. This was followed by case reports of patients with complex knee and hip problems before and after surgery and a discussion of treatment options. Following this, Dr Oberholzer performed live surgery at various hospitals. He showed the Chinese medical teams his surgical techniques for knee replacement.

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