Your operation and the Recovery Room

The procedure followed and the anaesthetic used will depend on the treatment you require. The choice of a local or general anaesthetic will depend on your operation and your health. Of course, you will be able to discuss which form of anaesthesia you would prefer. Procedures vary in duration from a few minutes to several hours. You will discuss the details of your treatment with your surgeon and the anaesthetist once again before the operation. Each operation is meticulously planned by our anaesthetists and operating theatre team right down to the very last detail.

At our patients’ service around the clock

The Pyramid Clinic has four operating theatres by the lake in Zurich and one operating theatre at the Haus zur Pyramide. Certain outpatient procedures can also be performed in the Day Clinic at the Centre for Plastic Surgery in Zurich. We offer all of our patients a 24-hour emergency service and a doctor is present at the clinic around the clock. We can also contact the doctor responsible for your treatment on an after-hours phone number, in case of any emergency.

Recovery Room, Haus zur Pyramide

From the Recovery Room to your own room

After the operation you will remain in the Recovery Room for monitoring, until you can be transferred to your room. Specially trained personnel and your anaesthetist will provide attentive care for you. This is the most important time after the operation and our staff will assess you for optimal recovery. This room is not just for patients who have had a general anaesthetic: a certain amount of recovery time is also required after a local anaesthetic. The length of your stay in the Recovery Room is very individual, but is usually around two to four hours.

You will find important additional information regarding what to do before and after surgery as well as the anaesthesiology questionnaire and explanation under forms.

Brochure «Information from A to Z»

«Information from A to Z»

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