Joint and sport surgery

The treatment of accident-related or degenerative damage to the joints has always been one of our core competencies at the Pyramid Clinic. With increasing life expectancy, problems caused by osteoarthritis in particular are on the increase. The treatment of large or important joints such as hips, knees, shoulders, hands and feet requires very specific expertise and extensive experience.

We have our own Centre for Joint and Sport Surgery (CJSS), where our highly experienced specialist, PD Dr. med. Andreas L. Oberholzer care for joint problems.

We also work closely with leading specialists from external centres such as Dr. med. Kourosh Modaressi and Ludwig Labler. You will find details of all our affiliated specialists in the following categories on the doctor search page: joint and sport surgery, orthopaedic surgery, shoulder surgery, hand surgery and foot surgery.

Centre for Joint and Sport Surgery

«Centre for Joint and Sport Surgery»

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Centre for Joint and Sport Surgery
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