Maxillo-facial surgery

Our face is a key element in interpersonal communication. The first impression that we give immediately communicates a diverse range of feelings and perceptions. Ideally, a beautiful smile combined with harmonious facial proportions will guarantee a pleasant and winning appearance, accompanying us on our journey through our private and professional lives. That is why it is understandable that more and more people who are seeking a better balance between their inner selves and their outward appearance are taking advantage of the options offered by modern medicine.

We have our own Centre for Maxillo-facial Surgery (CMS), where international expert in jaw malformations (dysgnathia), Dr. med. Albino Triaca, provides specialist care for our patients.At the Centre for Maxillo-facial Surgery we treat patients with functional and/or aesthetic problems in the jaw and facial area. The centre has a high level of expertise and extensive experience in the areas of maxillo-facial surgery, oral surgery, facial and nasal surgery.

Dr. med. et Dr. med. dent. Daniel Brusco has his practice in the Haus zur Pyramide. He is also a long-standing partner of the Pyramid Clinic and a specialist in this field.

You will find details of all our affiliated specialists in the oral and maxillo-facial surgery category on the doctor search page.