Body lift (Bodylifting)

A body lift is a correction of the entire figure. While previous surgical procedures focused mainly on the anterior abdominal wall and the inner thigh, today’s body lifts use techniques that allow for correction of the figure as a whole, especially in the area of the hips and buttocks.

The incisions required under this procedure will be placed so that they are concealed by your underwear or swimsuit. A body lift can be combined with liposuction on the thighs or correction of the upper arms.

The operation - Bodylifting

On the day of your body lift you will arrive at the Pyramid Clinic one and a half to two hours before your scheduled surgery. Our nursing staff and your specialist will prepare you for the operation ahead. This includes taking the “before” photos and marking the new silhouette on your skin.

The body lift takes from four to six hours and is performed under general anaesthetic. First, the buttocks and outer thigh area will be lifted while you lie on your stomach. Then the abdomen and inner thighs will be treated while you lie on your back.

A body lift is a major medical intervention that generally requires an overnight stay in the clinic of five to seven days.

Follow-up care - Bodylifting

After the operation you will have to wear a special stomach belt during the day for a period of six weeks. You will need to allow several weeks before the extended incision lines over various parts of the body have fully healed. You may also be off work for up to four weeks.

Body lift: Before surgery

Excess skin folds are clearly visible around the buttocks and thighs

Body lift: incision lines

The incision lines are marked on the skin in preparation for “full body” correction

Body lift: after surgery

The surgical scars will be positioned in such a way that they are concealed by your underwear or swimsuit

Facts and figures



4 to 6 hours, under general anaesthetic



Length of stay at the clinic

5 to 7 nights

Post-operative treatment

Post-operative treatment

Compression garment for about 4 to 6 weeks

Time off work

Time off work

3 to 4 weeks



Resume after 6 weeks