Our philosophy of Plastic Surgery

Retaining natural beauty is the primary objective of the Centre for Plastic Surgery. We cannot create beauty, but we can help unlock and accentuate the natural beauty of each individual. Serious plastic surgery, as we understand it, means combining beauty with natural appearance – ever mindful of achieving an optimal balance between what is medically advisable and aesthetically desirable.

We look at each person as a whole, which is why we take an integrated and holistic approach to treatment. We treat the needs and aspirations of our patients with the highest level of medical expertise, utmost professionalism and absolute discretion. We are proud that our centre has earned an excellent reputation well beyond our national borders for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and breast cancer surgery.

Aesthetic surgery

These days it is possible to not only treat congenital defects such as a crooked nose or prominent ears, but also arrest or minimise any unwanted, age-related changes to the face, breasts or the whole body.

Procedures in aesthetic surgery, commonly referred to as cosmetic surgery, aim to make specific surgical changes to shape and contour. They are not indicated for medical or health-related reasons, but are primarily performed to meet individual patient needs to improve their appearance. By boosting self-esteem, aesthetic surgery can help to increase quality of life, when it is properly indicated and responsibly applied.

«Transparency, openness and honesty are of the utmost importance to me. My guiding principle is always the preservation of natural beauty.»
Dr Cédric A. George, Founder & Medical Director

Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery involves operations to restore bodily functions, for example, as a result of injury, illness or malformation. The after-effects of serious accidents and congenital or illness-related problems call for specialists with the ability to (re)create physical functions, as well as a strong feeling for aesthetics, plus great sensitivity towards the patient’s state of mind.

Procedures typically involve covering up defects using skin flaps or grafts, transplantation of nerves or the transfer of tendons. Nowadays, these procedures rely heavily on microsurgery. The spectrum of plastic and reconstructive surgery at our centre includes hand surgery, genital surgery, vascular surgery and breast cancer surgery.

Combining beauty with nature

«Combining beauty with nature»
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