Our philosophy of Joint and Sport Surgery

The average age of the population is constantly increasing. We all have a strong need to remain active and free from pain throughout our lives. Maintaining physical well-being ensures a high quality of life and the retention of mobility and independence. Over the course of life there may be many causes of musculoskeletal problems. In active young people, these are most frequently brought about by sports injuries. In later years they may be due to illness, accidents or wear and tear on the joints (osteoarthritis). This can mean that joint-preserving operations (e.g. arthroscopy or cartilage replacement) or the complete replacement of a joint with a joint prosthesis may be necessary.

Pain-free and mobile

Our motto at the Centre for Joint and Sport Surgery is “Your mobility is our top priority.” We always aim to offer you the most effective but gentle treatment, with minimal pain and a speedy recovery. Today, a range of minimally invasive and computer-aided surgical techniques are available for this purpose as complements to conservative therapies. They facilitate rapid restoration of the original function and mobility. Early mobilisation instead of using immobilising bandages, splints or casts is crucial in this regard. Our treatment team includes specially trained physiotherapists who carry out the follow-up treatment in consultation with the specialists treating you. With regard to implants and joint prostheses, we use high-quality, well-tolerated products corresponding to the state of the art in science and technology.

«As a small centre with a wealth of experience, we can react quickly and flexibly to your needs,
because your mobility is our top priority.»
PD Dr Andreas L. Oberholzer

Our Centre for Articular and Sport Surgery also offers you:

  • Uniqueness, flexibility and outstanding hospitality
  • Safety, security, anonymity and discretion
  • Compassion, warmth and a pleasant environment
  • Personal, individualised care and advice
  • State-of-the art medicine and physiotherapy

«Your mobility is our top priority»
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