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The Face Atelier, which is part of the Centre for Plastic Surgery, specialises in various minimally invasive methods to improve the appearance of the skin and treat wrinkles. All of our face treatments are performed by our surgeons who have completed their specialist ‘FMH’ qualifications in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. We recommend having VISIA® skin analysis before any treatment to determine an individually tailored treatment plan to suit your particular skin type.


To improve your complexion over the long term, it is important to know what your skin’s weak points are.

Before treatment, your skin will be scanned right down to the deepest layers using an 18-megapixel camera. Based on a range of factors, this enables us to assess the condition of your skin during your consultation and identify the best treatment steps to improve the appearance of your skin.


Rehydration of the skin plays a key role in all aesthetic treatments. For many years, people have tried to improve the hydration of the skin or stimulate its regeneration using vitamin products (mesotherapy).

This is where the minimally invasive Skinbooster technique comes in. A cannula is used to inject an innovative hyaluronic acid product based on NASHA technology under the skin. This not only improves the skin’s elasticity and texture, but also reduces fine line and wrinkles. It amounts to a comprehensive, deep hydration of the skin, rather than a localised application of filler in the conventional way. After treatment with Skinboosters, the skin looks brighter, fresher and more even.

This treatment can be useful for women and men of all ages and with all skin types, as well as for skin with structural damage (such as acne scars or sun-damaged skin). It is particularly suitable for refreshing the skin, balancing out the volume and smoothing wrinkles on the face, hands, neck and décolleté. Skinboosters can also provide an additional effect when combined with a surgical procedure such as a face lift, invasive dermabrasion or laser peeling. The skin looks smoother, fresher and more radiant.


A vampire lift is a minimally invasive method of skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment using autologous blood therapy (the person’s own blood). The blood is drawn and then specially prepared before injecting it into the desired areas.

Autologous blood treatment is a relatively new form of minimally invasive skin rejuvenation and can also be used for dark circles under the eyes. 

Appointments for autologous blood treatment can only be made by phone on +41 (0)43 336 72 80 or by email.


Acne scars leave unsightly craters and redness that cannot be covered with make-up. After the completion of acne treatment (one year of Roaccutane therapy) the skin is often left scarred and uneven, which can be aesthetically displeasing.

special filler was developed for this purpose. The Skinbooster hyaluronic acid treatment makes the surface of the skin appear radiant, firm and even. The effect can be seen immediately after the treatment. Two to three sessions are recommended, four to six weeks apart.

Deep scars known as “ice pick scars” can be treated with Skinboosters or laser treatment. Very good results can be obtained.

Other treatment methods for acne scars are laser therapy and dermabrasion (surgical abrasion of the uppermost layer of skin). Book a consultation to find out which treatment is most suitable for you.


In some individuals, the gums may become visible while laughing or talking. This is known as a gummy smile and can be aesthetically unwanted. It is caused by the muscles that pull up the upper lip being too tight. These muscles can be relaxed by an injectable treatment that inhibits the transmission of the signals between muscles and nerves.


Microneedling with the Dermapen 4 is a very effective, minimally invasive treatment to improve skin quality, rejuvenate skin, reduce pigmentation marks and improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. The treatment can be used for the whole face and also on the body.

BB Glow is a special type of microneedling treatment that incorporates natural mineral colour pigments into the top layer of the skin using a microneedling device. The effect is immediately visible and there is no need for time off from your normal activities. The BB Glow treatment is only performed on the face.


PRX-T33 is a peel that provides biorevitalisation of the skin with no needles. It can be performed all year round.


  • Needle-free biorevitalisation
  • Treatment can be performed in summer
  • Can be combined with microneedling 
  • No down time
  • Painless
  • Treatment takes max. 30 mins  
  • Visible firming with immediate results


  • Scars, enlarged pores, sun-damaged skin, age spots, acne 
  • Prevention of skin ageing, stretch marks

Treatments are repeated depending on the skin problem and skin type. We recommend a course of 3–4 treatments with an interval of 3–4 weeks. 


These prices include consultation and aftercare.

VISIA® skin analysis

  • VISIA® skin analysis including consultation CHF 180

Skinbooster treatments

  • Skinbooster (hydration) from CHF 1,000

Vampire lifts

  • Autologous blood treatment from CHF 1,300

Acne scars

  • Skinbooster treatment from CHF 1,000 
  • Dermabrasion (surgical abrasion) from CHF 7,000

Gummy smile

  • Gummy smile from CHF 200

Masseter reduction

  • Narrowing of the face for enlarged chewing muscle from CHF 400 


All prices are per session

Standard (with high-quality peels)

  • Face CHF 650
  • Face/neck CHF 800
  • Face/neck/décolleté CHF 1,000
  • Body depending on region/on request
  • Scars depending on size from CHF 300 to CHF 1,000
  • Hair with autologous blood CHF 650

Plus (with Mesotox or autologous blood)

  • Face CHF 850
  • Face/neck CHF 1,000
  • Face/neck/décolleté CHF 1,200

Deluxe (with Mesotox and autologous blood)

  • Face CHF 1,050
  • Face/neck CHF 1,200
  • Face/neck/décolleté CHF 1,400

Packages prices

CHF 100 discount for 4 treatments
CHF 200 discount for 6 treatments

Dp Dermaceuticals for before and after the treatment can be purchased from the Face Atelier. There is also a wide range of other dermaceuticals available from the Face Atelier. We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable products. 

PRX-T33 peel pricing

  • Price per session or treatment: CHF 300


We would be happy to discuss the details of any treatments with you in a personal consultation.

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