The history of the Pyramid Clinic is relatively short, but a lot has happened in the 29 years since its founding. The first patient entered the Pyramid Clinic on 5 May 1993. Since then, over 100,000 procedures have been carried out in selected surgical fields. In particular, the clinic has made a name for itself in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, breast cancer surgery, maxillo-facial surgery, joint and sport surgery and vein, hand and foot surgery as well as eye surgery.

As short as possible – as long as necessary

Through a series of pioneering decisions, the Pyramid Clinic has revolutionised the Swiss hospital sector. It was among the first clinics to introduce short inpatient surgery. At a time when varicose vein surgery still meant staying in hospital for over a week, on average this was only two days at the Pyramid Clinic. From the start, we chose to admit patients on the day of surgery instead of the day before, to avoid unnecessary expense. Our aim of reducing costs and increasing quality has always distinguished the Pyramid Clinic from other providers, and especially from public hospitals.

From private practice to Pyramid Clinic

The Pyramid Clinic had its beginnings in Rämistrasse in Zurich. This is where its founder, Dr Cédric A. George, opened his first practice in 1987. It was here that he began to present his idea for a liberal health care system to Zurich’s hospital sector. He soon met like-minded specialists from other disciplines. Just under six years later, with the help of the SWICA health insurance organisation, they founded the Pyramid Clinic at the Lake, a clinic staffed by affiliated specialists.

Mayan pyramid meets space station

The ideal location for the clinic was found in the magnificent Ferrohaus, a unique building in the middle of the city, right on the lake, with an almost futuristic feel. Built in 1970 in the shape of a pyramid by award-winning architect Justus Dahinden, it was the perfect choice and gave the clinic its distinctive name. With its stepped pyramid shape and its impressive metal and glass facade, the Ferrohaus is unique in the city of Zurich and is now a listed building.

Meeting the highest standards

The Pyramid Clinic was soon in the black, and within a few years more and more affiliated specialists joined the team in order to carry out procedures for their discerning private patients at the “pinnacle” on Lake Zurich. Concentrating on the private segment became the core business of the Pyramid Clinic. The clinic’s hospitality services were expanded, top-class cuisine was introduced, a Guest Relations Manager was employed and service was improved at all levels.


The Pyramid Clinic was soon in the black, and within a few years more and more affiliated specialists joined the team in order to carry out procedures for their private and semi-private patients at the “pinnacle” on Lake Zurich. This focus on the two insurance categories – private and semi-private – went on to become part of the core business of the Pyramid Clinic. The clinic’s hospitality services were expanded, top-class cuisine was introduced, a Guest Relations Manager was employed and service was improved at all levels.

Free choice of doctor

Your choice of doctor is crucial for the success of your treatment. This is why the Pyramid Clinic at the Lake works on the principle of affiliated specialists. Our surgeons are leading, independent specialists in their respective fields and they have full responsibility for their patients. They make their own decisions and are free to act on them, for the good of their patient. They are not mere employees who follow orders and tick boxes. Each procedure is carefully planned by the specialist and the Pyramid Clinic team, booked into the clinic schedule, discussed with the nursing staff and arranged with the hospitality team. You are professionally supported right to the last moment of your discharge from the clinic. We are committed to maximum customer service and constant, individual patient care, provided by the specialist of your choice and the nursing team.


In all its human relations and business affairs, the Pyramid Clinic is fully dedicated to upholding these key guiding principles. They are clearly laid out in its mission statement with the resolve that they be practiced actively by every single staff member. Each member of the management team is committed to act in accordance with them and strives to further these core values at all times. These benchmarks are aimed entirely at all parties involved in the clinic.


Our dealings with each other and our relationship with our patients demand the most exceptional human competencies. It is for this reason that interpersonal skills are given top priority in the Pyramid Clinic. On a daily basis we consistently strive for extra-ordinary customer service and orientation for our patients. Our staff takes your preferences, desires and needs but also you fears entirely seriously and caters to them in the most sensitive way. The health and safety of our employees is key to us, which is why we make the prevention of accidents and illnesses our very top priority.


In order to be unconditionally accepted, this human quality must first and foremost be authentic. All activities in the Pyramid clinic are focused on ensuring total credibility. Besides, every medical procedure is associated with a particularly high level of trust that must never be damaged. All unnecessary activities that could impact our patient`s trust adversely are avoided at all costs. A hands-on and dedicated approach is adopted with all our patients, suppliers and anyone involved directly with our clinic.


The Pyramid Clinic is a pioneering establishment with a unique history, philosophy and business approach. Our uncompromising independence, our clear commitment to medical entrepreneurship, our unique architecture, exclusive lakeside location close to town with a very personal touch as well as the symbiosis of the highest professional and social standards, make us completely unique in the healthcare market. The preservation of our individuality enjoys top priority. 

Economic Efficiency

The Pyramid Clinic at the Lake is an autonomous company with an open management structure. It is completely economically independent and answers only to its interested parties. The concept of an excessive shareholder value system was deliberately rejected. Our business strategy is based on a clear focus on selected surgical fields. The clinic receives no public funds whatsoever. Streamlined processes and uncomplicated structures ensure optimal productivity. Red-tape and laborious paperwork are kept to a bare minimum.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in the Pyramid Clinic is defined as striking a fine balance between excellence, profitability, efficiency and efficacy. Every staff member strives for excellence in their code of conduct. The promotion of an open, prevention-oriented culture where mistakes can be constructively handled, has as its goal to bring about constant improvement. As a member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals, we are obligated to meet strict and demanding quality standards. Through the systematic implementation of the Total Quality Management principles in accordance with TQM as well as the ISO 900:2015 we ensure that our quality-awareness is constantly nurtured and enhanced.

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«Your best road to recovery»


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