Hip replacement

If the pain of osteoarthritis in your hips is controlling your life, it is high time to think about a hip replacement. In the innovative keyhole surgical technique in which the artificial hip joint is implanted from the front in a minimally invasive procedure, the stabilising hip muscles are merely moved to the side and not cut as in earlier techniques. An incision of around eight centimetres suffices to implant the new artificial hip joint while protecting the soft tissues. Because there is no muscle injury with this technique, there is significantly less pain following surgery. The blood loss is also relatively small as this is a tissue-sparing procedure. This means that the blood donation previously required of patients is no longer necessary.

X-ray image: Pelvis from the front with an artificial hip joint
X-ray image: Pelvis from the front with an artificial hip joint

Another advantage is that the operated hip can usually fully bear weight immediately after surgery. Patients stay at the clinic for five days on average. This fast recovery facilitates rapid and significant enhancement of quality of life.

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