Leo Clodius Lymphatic Center (LCLC) Specialists

Leo Clodius Lymphatic Center

Our centre is run by a team of highly regarded and experienced specialists under the direction of Professor Mario Scaglioni. The centre also has state-of-the-art infrastructure and uses leading-edge technologies.

Prof. Dr. med. Mario Scaglioni

Prof. Dr. med. Mario Scaglioni

FMH specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
Hand surgery and lymphatic surgery
Co-Chief Consultant



Technically challenging procedures such as lipoedema or lymphoedema treatment should always be carried out by experienced specialists. This enables the complication rate to be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Professor Mario Scaglioni will take comprehensive, expert and personal care of you and your needs and concerns. Contact us online or by phone to arrange your individual appointment.

Leo Clodius Lymphatic Center

Leo Clodius Lymphatic Center

Leo Clodius Lymphatic Center
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