Registration and admission

Once you have decided for a surgical procedure and discussed it with your doctor, he or she will register you at our clinic. We will make an appointment for your surgery and plan how long you will stay. We will be very happy to take your personal needs into account. Following written confirmation of the appointment for your operation, you will receive information about your upcoming stay in our clinic, plus details of any tests or preparatory measures that may be required in the lead-up to your surgery. We will be happy to arrange for you to come and inspect our facilities beforehand on request. If you have a particular condition but are not under the care of a doctor, you can approach us directly with your concerns. We will arrange an appointment for you with a suitable specialist.

Admission on the day of surgery

You will usually arrive at our clinic on the morning of your operation. As far as possible, we do not admit patients on the evening before surgery, as this extra overnight stay is usually medically unnecessary and only leads to undue extra expense for you. You will be warmly welcomed by our receptionist on your arrival. Any formalities will be completed quickly in a friendly atmosphere. Our nursing staff or a Guest Relations team member will then take you to the Recovery Room in the Day Clinic, where you can prepare for the upcoming procedure and also meet the anaesthetist once again. For certain procedures, especially aesthetic or plastic surgery, photographs will be taken before the operation and incision lines will be marked on the skin.

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«Information from A to Z»

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