Special facilities due to COVID-19 order by the Gesundheitsdirektion Zurich from March 17th 2020


Between March 23rd and April 19th 2020 only emergency treatments and non suspensible tumor surgery will be carried out.

Our inhouse centres also have reduced their offers or temporarily closed their facilities. For more information, please contact the reception of the clinic (+41 44 388 15 15) or call the centres directly:

  • Centre for plastic surgery/breast cancer surgery: +41 44 388 14 14
  • Centre for sports and joint surgery: +41 44 388 16 16

We support our colleagues in other hospitals by delegating medical staff and nurses. We now also act as a COVID-C-hospital for corona patients who passed the acute affection as well as non-corona patients who no longer need intensive care. Furthermore, we carry out emergency treatments on behalf of other hospitals if they lack the respective capacities. We show our greatest solidarity and respect for those who fight this disease in the front line. Together we will overcome this crisis.

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.