Employees satisfaction

Clinic Pyramide’s employees are questioned regularly (every 3 years) about their overall satisfaction. We work with Mecon measure & consult GmbH’s standardised questionnaire. They gather and analyse the data independently and off-site. To get a significant reference, they compare our data with scores of other private clinics in similar fields. In most subject areas the Clinic Pyramide’s results are better than the average scores of other clinics. 

106 questionnaires had been sent out during the enquiry period in September/October 2019 - the response rate was 56.6%. After analysing the results, the executive board, respectively the divisional managers, defined and implemented new measures to guarantee an ongoing positive development of the employee’s satisfaction.
The weighted average was used to calculate the total satisfaction score. The satisfaction with the overall work situation, the recommendation rate as well as the work environment were crucial for this score. Those areas directly influence the quality of the work performance.

Total Satisfaction Score in Comparison

Total satisfaction Score 2019

Total Satisfaction Score

Satisfaction Index for areas with the highest weighting factor

Satisfaction Index for areas with the highest weighting factor